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The Nugget The Nugget

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Decent effort.

The game has entertainment potential, it's simple, it's easy to pick up but, sadly, east yo put away as well. It falls flat due to several serious flaws, the most obvious being the lack of ingenuity. Bouncing balls games have been done to death already, and unless you find a very imaginative twist to throw in, the gameplay is severely outdated. The graphics are also very bland, and the music loops should really be looked into by the US military, due to its potential as a weapon against terrorism (it could be used as a torture method in Guantanamo Bay).

A few suggestions of improvements:
1: Get rid of the music. Deliver us from Evil!

2: I don't know how apt you are at handling graphic programs, but if you look at most of the "best of all times" games in the flash portal, you will notice many of the casual games on that prestigious list has a distinct graphical look. It doesn't need to be Crysis quality, it just has to be more intriguing than simple geometric figures such as balls.

3. Try adding a twist in the gameplay. Perhaps pickups with adverse or positive effects other than adding five points to the score. Increase the frequency of new ball spawns, it is too easy at the moment. Just throw something in there to rattle the cage, like an adverse pickup which causes the controls to be inverted for a few seconds. Or a positive pickup which creates a magned that catches nearby balls for a few seconds. Just anything to break up the monotony of the gameplay mechanics.

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Super PSTW Action RPG Super PSTW Action RPG

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I loved the epic nosepick attack at the end :) Also, a fantastic parody :P Keep doing stuff like this :P

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Minecraft Seed Gen Minecraft Seed Gen

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really good idea!

There is room for improvement though. Like basing the generation on choices from menus like. "I want [amount (much/litte/normal)] of [mineral, material, blocks]" dropdown menus, and amount of animel/monster spawns, amount of dungeons and amount of underground tunnels and grottos etc. This would require loads of time though. Would be fun if someone felt up to the challange :)

Until then, I think I am going to use my own seeds (uhuhuhuhahaha) by entering silly texts in the seed. Like "Three merry helicopters hoovered in a triangle" and such ;)

Toss the Turtle Toss the Turtle

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Awsome game

However it is somewhat illogical at times as to how the player is to avoid objects just magically appearing out of nowhere when flying close to lighspeed through the air. In the earlier versions of this game the only real hazard was being abducted but now there are spikes on baloons which really just takes the fun out of the game. In one 100th of a second I go from soaring through the air to suddenly being impaled on spiked that appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the screen.

Also, the autosave function does not work. I have played this game ten times on my user here on NG and never has my progress been saved. If the saves rely on cookies you should mention that somewhere.

Anyway, besides the save problem and the unfair balloon spikes, this is a fun game.

LEM project LEM project

Rated 1 / 5 stars

School projects...

Look, im going to be frank. People go to newgrounds to be entertained, not to be substitute teachers and grade peoples school projects (unless they are entertaining). This game isn't very original. Moonlander TM has been used in atleast 10 000 different variations already. The "Oh, Im an American, gee wiz, I must be some kind of messiah to be born in such a free and fantastic country" song in the end is also... Bleh, why include it? Why not any other less political song? Why not a song that fits to the space theme? I mean, if I were to make, say, a shooter, playing the Swedish Anthem whenever I killedsomeone would make no sense and just be annoying. People would also start asking questions as to who the enemies really are if the swedish anthem is played upon their death. Don't mix politics and games unless you have a good reason or alot of thought as to why make it political.

And speaking of the space theme, the landscape was too stale and generic to ever be found in a natural environment. Try adding shadows, some rocks, and maybe a landig site /space station if you have to make it a Moonlander(C).

Some good must be said though, the controls were really OK for a moonlander, but that is not enough. Back to the drawingboard and resubmit it when you have a game with a bit more thought to it than "I have to make a flash application to get my grades in elementary school."

FPS Performance Preloader FPS Performance Preloader

Rated 5 / 5 stars


The word that takes an engineer to spell. Seriously though, this was not just a good idea, its something I have never seen before. This is useful not only for flash games but movies as well. You should send this preloader to the NG crew, because this is fantastic. Good job.

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jjwallace responds:

i am working on a new version which looks nicer... i took the same workings as this one and revamped it... hmm the crew huh? maybe i will send it to them when i finish the polished version... i will probably upload the new version tommorrow

The Nerd Test The Nerd Test

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

A bit too short.

Add more questions dude :P there has to be more things that make you nerdy, like, watching star trekk or somwething. Still an average effort. maybe add one page for each question with a yes or no choice or something, some music, some detal, amybe a picture relating to the question...

Tank Raid Tank Raid

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Decent product, good effort

OK, I have some suggestions for improvement, lets start with those:

Make some background, so that we notice when we change level.
Add music
Add more score for killing the APC
Add more enemies
Make the Tank Tower turn slowly, instead of making it follow the aim perfectly, this makes it a lot harder and force you to calculate each shot. Maybe add a reload time also.

If you do that, you have a great game. The bad parts of this game is pretty much that it lacked these elements.


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InfernoNL responds:

Thanks for your feedback, I didn't add to much enemies at the start on purpose for people playing it for the first time, to not make it too hard.

But I think the beginning is too easy for too long, so I will upload a new version in a sec with a higher difficulty starting level.

Coded Hallway Coded Hallway

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Mor clever than I, who was stopped at the Army of Darkness "Code" with three textboxes. I couldn't figure out what they were there for, even tried to enter the real spell, one word in each, but didn't work :/

Draw spin Draw spin

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Awsome art tool!

Anyone can make 3d art with this tool XD They should implement a feature like this in 3d programs :)